Hey, It's Jio Buenviaje!

"My life won't be measured by a number of years. It's my years that will be measured by the amount of life in them."

J. Buenviaje

I'm an aspiring expert-generalist, human rights advocate, comic book store owner, electronics researcher, Philippine épée fencer, debate team captain, web designer & developer, science scholar, volunteer teacher, stage director & designer, ukulele enthusiast, fandom-oriented maker, world traveler and devoted Filipino.

Name : Juan Sergio (Jio) Apostol Buenviaje
Birthdate : August 12, 1998
Phone : +63 905 454 6016
Email : jio.buenviaje@gmail.com
Address : 04 Mahinhin Street UP Village Diliman, QC, Philippines
School : Philippine Science High School - Main Campus
Languages : English, Filipino, Waray (Filipino Dialect)
Research Interests : Robotics/Automation, Renewable Energy, Embedded Systems & Program Design


Here's what I've been doing throughout my life so far! This is more of the professional projects, but I have a section further down for passion projects as well.


Just a list of abilities I've quantified for your convenience. This is a self-assessment of my own skills and I welcome clarifications about this section with a smile! :)

Critical thinking
Time management
Resiliency | Resourcefulness
Verbal & written communication
HTML5 | CSS4 | jQuery
C++ (Arduino Programming)
JavaScript | Java
Python | PHP | SQL
Photoshop | Illustrator


I thrive in a professional environment as well! From internships and summer job stints to running my own local business for a welcoming community, you'll see them all here.

  • 06/2017 - 07/2017

    Theoretical Physics Researcher

    National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines - Diliman

    - Logged 95+ hours of research work culminating in a finished research project

    - Shadowed Ph.D. professors throughout the whole stay learning how to conduct physics-oriented research at the university level

    - Garnered an honorable mention award through creating most of the poster and defending the project in the national research competition

  • 04/2013 - 05/2013 & 05/2016

    Youth Engagement Coordinator

    Sergio A.F. Apostol Crusade for Reforms and Economic Development (SACRED)

    - Organized & participated in forums for concerns on reforms contributing to the progress & development of the 2nd district of Leyte, Philippines gathering 40,000+ youth in total from 14 municipalities

    - Organized feeding programs to provide awareness of the youth movement in the 2nd district of Leyte, Philippines

    - Helped alleviate conditions of Typhoon Haiyan victims in Leyte by packing and distributing relief goods, promoting solicitation of donations, and organizing feeding programs

  • 06/2016

    Physics & Statistics Teacher

    Lantaka Youth Club & Study Center

    - Created 2-week curriculums & final examinations on physics & statistics focusing on measurements, kinematics, & dynamics, & sampling, data presentation, & probability, respectively.

    - Taught 28 incoming grade 9 students amounting 8+ hours a day for 2 weeks.

    - Organized summer study center activities including an excursion (mountain climbing), intramurals, a quizbee & graduation

  • 06/2015 - 07/2015

    Human Resources Department Recruit

    Sky-One Food Incorporated

    - Researched & assisted on ingredients, spices, & packaging material supplier operations

    - Assisted in quality checking of delivered products from suppliers by following standard quality control procedures

    - Organized the files of the purchasing, finance, warehouse & human resources department


A breakdown of my formal educational background and a portion of my academic achievements. I look forward to continually learning and building up this section more very soon.

  • 2012 - 2018

    Secondary Education

    Philippine Science High School - Main Campus

    - 2018 PSHS Leadership Award Finalist

    - 2018 DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship Awardee (given to 3,822/46,434 students)

    - Consistent Director's Lister (Equivalent to Dean's Lister for other schools)

    - Top 15% of Class (Rank 28/221)

    - Exemplary Performance in Social Science and Sports (Senior High School Moving-Up Ceremony)

  • 2004 - 2012

    Primary Education

    Ateneo De Manila University

    - St. Ignatius Graduate Awardee

    - Graduated with 1st Honors

    - Graduated with Best in Science, English, Filipino, Social Science (Araling Panlipunan), Art & Music


Here's what I've been doing throughout my life so far! (déjà vu?) These are the passion projects I was talking about earlier. The professional projects section is back up there.


I've been fortunate enough to find homes and people that align with my advocacies, interests and passions in life. Here you will find most of them to connect and collaborate with as well!


In summation, these are the best services I can offer, proven by my work experience and completed projects. I welcome further inquiries for this section as well. :)


    C++ Proficiency. Intermediate-Level Mastery of Battery Usage, Wireless Communication and Protoboard Finalization. 2 Years of Research & 2 Years of Formal Education.


    C++ Proficiency. Intermediate-Level Mastery of Arduino & Raspberry-Pi-Based Programming. 3 Years of Research & 4 Years of Formal Education.


    IoT Module Compatibility & Communication Proficiency. Python & PHP-Based Database Competency. 2 Years of Research.


    HTML5, CSS4 & jQuery Proficiency. Python & PHP-Based Database Competency. 2 Years of Formal Education.


    HTML5, CSS4 & jQuery Proficiency. JavaScript & Java Competency. User-Friendly Microcopy Practitioner. 2 Years of Research & 3 Years of Formal Education.


    Photoshop & Illustrator Proficiency. Intermediate-Level Mastery of Laser Cutter, 3D Printer & CNC Router Use & Model Designing. 2 Years of Research & 2 Years of Formal Education.


If you have any inquiries, clarifications, suggestions or anything else on your mind I need to know about, feel free to contact me! I'll respond as soon as I am able to!